Mike Di Nardo


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Super gift to everyone! I am happy for you and this 'from-the-heart' sharing of your accomplishments!! we wish you a healthy and lovable New Year!! Tom Hey this could be another song for you!!?? (healthy and lovable New Year) or (New Year from-the-heart)! keep in touch, maybe you can help me out with some material I write up!!??
Happy Xmas Bro !
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We have been sharing your Christmas song for years now... best wishes to you and the family...
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Well done, Bro !!!
A Christmas classic in my books! It warms my heart every time I listen to it :) xoxo Bianca
Hi Mike, I love it all....thank you so much for doing this, it's wonderful to hear and keep in touch with what you are creating. The Christmas songs touch my heart :) You are such a fantastic musician, love you xo.
Nice Mike !